Adirondacks spring trips

For years my Dad would take my brothers and I on spring camping trips in the Adirondacks. Alway the 1st weekend in May for trout fishing. Ponds, lakes n rivers and most years we had great luck! Some times we had snow to keep our food, beer n soda cold LOL. And some times the ice would only be part way out of the ponds. Many years I have driven to Saranac Lake that weekend and go by Chapel pond and the Cascade ponds only to see them still froze over. But the Saranac’s would be open. I usually take a weekend drive the week before to check out the ice and snow melt. But lol, not many bugs n people out that early…alway a good time!!

Good to hear!
Wickerbutt and I were planning on starting our section-by-section journey down the Northern Forest Canoe Trail on April 18th, but even if it is 80 degrees every day until then, I think there will still be too much ice.

So we’re going to instead try the 1st week of May. Hopefully Fulton Chain will have mostly iced out by then. Looking forward to a bug-free first trip.