Adirondak vacation

Planning next summers vacation. Looking for a location in the Adirondacks on a remote lake(the more remote the better) where we can primitive camp, paddle and fishing out of the kayaks. If you need a 4x4 to get there… great! Any suggestions?

lows lake
just did lows lake …beautiful trip …lots of campsiyes great fishing …remote 4 hour paddle …300 meter portage around a dam …very cartable …enjoy

Lows Lake
Thanks. Will definitely check that out.

Another suggestion
Lows Lake should definitely be near the top of your list. To that I would add Little Tupper Lake, from which you can also reach Round Lake and (with a short, easy carry) Rock Pond. Motorboats are not allowed.

Lake Lila too, although it is a longish carry from the parking area to the pond.

Long Pond in the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness Area is also very nice and very remote…no motorboats allowed, and it is much smaller than Little Tupper if you like a small-lake feel. From there you can reach a number of ponds and campsites with either short or long carries.

You can get better info at, but I guarantee that all of the above wil be the top suggestions you receive.


cedar river flow …

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I personally have not done this trip but a friend has and really enjoyed it. -semi remote area.
I highly recommend you buy the Adirondack
Paddlers guide and any map you deem necessary , worth the price even if it costs you $100 for everything. the maps go hand-in-hand with the book. Map link below.
The St. Regis wilderness area is another option. The low's lake area is popular and the Rt. 30 to Rt 421 to Horseshoe lake area to low's lake Carry access road is rough and parking is at a premium. Small parking lot/ not much room to turn around. Hope this all helps.

Private but accessible with a 4x4?
If you can get there with a 4x4 then it’s been violated and it’s not primitive. What am I missing?

You can get to almost any lake in the park with your car. There are others that can only be reached by paddle or portage… local’s know them but don’t like to share.