Adjustable rocker kayak...

Just checked out a “new” idea, at least new to me. is a link to a company which is marketing a SOF portable with an adjustable rocker that looks quite interesting.

Just throwin’ it at ya, if you’re looking for a boat, especially for those with storage issues, this could be the cat’s meow.

Has anyone seen or paddled one?


A company that promises the perfect kayak for everything and then won’t even show you their product unless you send them all your personal info.

Good luck with that.

Easy picking
I got some swamp land in Florida to sell you…

I looked at it at OR show in SLC last week. It looks interesting and quite expensive (-$5000)

It looks a little like a feathercraft w/o hatches with levers on the chines and keelson to adjust the rocker.

we’ll see…

so… about that swamp land?



i requested info-shall see

Nice lines!
Just got back from the O.R. show and saw the boat in question. I honestly think it has probably the nicest lines I’ve ever seen on a folder, and it wasn’t a beamy pig. Looked a lot like a Current Designs Caribu (pre S model), hard chines and all. The rockering mechanism was innovative but I’d like to see it produced without to save $$$. I own a Feathercraft K-1 Expedition and though the Rethinkkayak is nicer to look at and will probably be faster and more fun to paddle, I wouldn’t give up on the K-1 as a expedition boat, unless I was going light on gear. The Rethinkkayak wasn’t shown with any hatches (I was told the displayed boat was a prototype) and I’m not sure if they are available, and I do not remember seeing any air sponsons inside the boat, such as the K-1 has for that matter either. Though the ‘skin’ hull material looked tough yet thin, my uneducated guess is it may not be as bomber as the K-1 hull to repeated abuse on the likes of rock or mussle beds. Also the boat broken down and packed was longer than a K-1 packed. I’m guessing the Rethinkkayak is a lighter packed boat though, and in my opinion it wins in the ‘looks’ department also. Would be a great boat for the storage impaired wanting a kayak, albiet a pricey one as ‘Flatpick’ mentioned.

How are they supposed to know …
where to send the literature w/o the personal info?

Like to see at least a drawing!

And just where is that Florida swampland located?