Adjusting Seat Angle of Canoe

I have a 2008 Wenonah Adirondack Canoe and would like to set the rear seat on an angle for more comfort when kneeling. Does anyone know the best way to do this? If so please let me know.

first off
make sure your foot size is in the equation. If you have difficultty getting your size 13 out from under the seat you have a diaster waiting to happen.

I would get 4 stainless steel bolts and nyloc nuts the right legnth. Take off the rear bolts and shim. At a certain point you will have to loosen the front 2 bolts. If you like the angle put in the new bolts in the rear and crank it down. If you want you can also shim the front, so it is higher overall. I use plastic cutting sticks from paper cutter as shims. Tehy don’t rot and are easy to work with.

Becareful of how you shim as the aluminum should have the load spread out slightly.(Thats why I use th e 3/4 square sticks and cut to legnth) A good wood would also be fine.

Oh save the extra nuts and bolts. you are going to find uses for them

to fine tune
I use the circular thick ends of old weedwacker plastic cutter blades to shim my seats in addition to scraps of ash, maple or oak either rectangular shaped or round stock.

new drops
You could always just do up a new set of seat drops.

You could also check the current seat drops to see if the front ones and back ones are the same length. I have an older Adirondack that had longer drops on the back end of the seat than on the front. I just switched them around to get a bit of a slant on the seat.

Teh seat hangers I was use to on RedCrossRandys Aderondack were aluminumangles hanging out of the gunnels. The seat would sit on the “L” They were easy to shim. If it is hangers going down to the seats then you would have either Cut or fabricate new hangers.

Hmm, maybe I’m just old
Since his boat is a 2008 it is probably the same as you describe. I think mine is a 1993.

Just out of curiousity, do you think it would work if he dropped the front end of the seat below the aluminum lip? He might need longer bolts, but it would give about a 3/4" drop at the front (assuming the seat frame is 3/4" thick).

Just a thought.

imho(worth $.01)…you’re always gonna be riding that front bar of the seat. WW pedestals are pretty comfortable…it’s just that people who haven’t paddled WW outfitting have great imaginations as to how uncomfortable they are…but you can add on whatever density of foam on top for a really nice seat. You plop weight on it and the knees don’t take the brunt of your weight anymore.



Power Rocker seat truss
I’m not sure these are made anymore but are great. They support the seat flat like regular trusses but allow the seat to tilt forward if in a more aggressive stance. Super solid and not a permanent adjustment. The problem would be trying to find them. Mad River Canoe used to sell them but no longer.