ADK info needed.

Looking to rent a classic guide boat for a 3 day trip this Sept.

Going to be taking the 3.5 yr. old.

Suggestions for an outfitter and a route?


try your question over on

or try - they ren canoes and kayaks, but they may know of guide boat rentals

Adk Guideboat trip
You want to plan your route to have few, flat, and short carries. The Guideboat is a very different boat to portage and a 3.5 year old will not be able to help carry the oars. It will be a beautiful boat for you and your child on the water. Triple carrying the portages, trip for boat, two for gear, really adds on the miles and your child will need to cover all that mileage with you. A half mile carry is 2.5 miles of walking if you need 3 trips to transport all your gear and boat.

Guideboats are so expensive to build and buy, that rentals will be scarce. Tickners in Old Forge NY and Macs Canoe in Lake Clear would be other places to try. Both are very familiar with Guideboat and the Adirondacks and offer Shuttle service.

Don’t know what your rowing experience is, but consider that going across an open lake or down a wide stream is much easier than negotiating a winding narrow stream while looking over your shoulder. Your child will be very helpful eyes for you.

None of my favorite canoe routes are very guideboat friendly. They are my favorites,because the difficult carries keep the crowds down. Check with Brian McDonnell and Dan Tickner at their shops and they can suggest good routes for you in their different ends of the Adirondacks.

Its too late for you to get into the best 3 day trip in the Adirondacks, the 90 Mile Adirondack Classic from Old Forge to Saranac Lake. 250 boats touring the old trade route. The Adirondack Watershed Alliance is the source for information on this and other water activities.

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Guide Boat Rental
Will be difficult as most people who own them (self included) are reluctant to rent them out. I rented one a couple of years ago at the outfitter at Blue Mountain Lake, although only for a couple of hours.

For some nice pics of guide boats (if only to whet your appetite) see

Definitely do it if you get the chance!

JH Bahn