ADK Lean To Shelter

Does anyone have plans for a reasonably authentic (e.g., log construction) Adirondack Lean To? I can’t seem to find anything - maybe that’s because they are so simple to construct that true woodsmen (woodspersons?) just build 'em from scratch?

JH Bahn

Dan Beard…
as you read click on the blue links…enlarge the drawings for detail:

that simple?
granted it’s not like building a high rise, but if it was that simple guys in the lake placid region wouldn’t be getting 4-6 grand(and up) for them. there are plenty of books and plans out there for sale. try borders or amazon. also try lee valley woodworking.

You might trust him…

Daniel Carter Beard


To the Scouts that knew him, he was “Uncle Dan”. Like Seton and Baden-Powell, he was an accomplished illustrator. He stood out from the crowd due to his snow-white moustache and goatee. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1850 but grew up in Covington, Kentucky where he learned the many tales of Daniel Boone and the American pioneers.

He graduated from Wallace’s Academy, as a civil engineer and surveyor. He made insurance maps until he visited New York on vacation and stayed to study art. His illustrations and articles graced the pages of St. Nicholas Magazine (where Jungle Book first appeared) and Youth’s Companion. These articles and accompanying illustrations were later compiled into books. He taught art from 1883 to 1890 at the Women’s School of Applied Design. Uncle Dan was chosen to illustrate Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.

To keep alive the spirit of the pioneers, he formed “The Society of the Sons of Daniel Boone”. This group grew to become the largest boy’s club in America. It developed into “The Boy Pioneers” in 1905. His writings on the group appeared in Recreation magazine for which he was an Editor.

The boys were encouraged to keep an old unloaded gun as part of their fort. A fort was a brandh of the club. The forts would keep records of their good deeds n protecting forests and wildlife by cutting notches in their gun stocks. The boys chanted:

Cut a notch, cut a notch, cut a notch soon,

For we are the Sons of Daniel Boone

He was quick to embrace the Boy Scout movement and was its first National Commissioner and Chairman of the Court of Honor. It was his idea to Americanize the Boy Scout fleur-de-lis by adding the American eagle and shield. His design for the emblem was granted a design patent by the U.S. patent office on July 4, 1911.

Like James West, Beard was originally against a younger boy program for Scouting and felt the term “Cub” derogatory.

He received the only gold Eagle badge ever awarded and the Roosevelt gold medal for distinguished service. He was the president of the Society of Illustrators and of the Camp Fire Club. Near Mt. McKinley in Alaska is Mt. Beard that was named in his honor.


Books By Daniel Carter Beard

American Boy’s Handy Book, 1882, 1903

The American Girl’s Handy Book, 1887

The American Boy’s Book of Sport, 1890

Moonlight and Six Feet of Romance, 1892

The Outdoor Handy Book , 1896

Published in Conservationist Mag
I believe the New York State plan was published in The Conservationist Magazine a year or two ago. You can contact the magazine at to ask - they may be able to send you a copy. I have a copy of the plan somewhere, but finding it is another matter. My son’s scout troop built one years ago - it was a great project. It’s still in use at Five Rivers Env. Ed. Center in Delmar.