ADK Whitewater?

Looking for suggestions on intermediate whitewater in the Adirondacks, preferably in the northwestern quadrant. Been paddling flat water in the park for years (Raquette, Cranberry, Saranacs, St. Regis ponds, Five Ponds, etc) but have never really explored the faster rivers. My wife and I are comfortable in Class 2; Class 3 would be pushing it. Don’t mind carrying around big water. We’re looking for nice day trips in rivers that run reliably through summer. Grasse River? St. Regis River? Saranc River? What have you got?

I’ll put this on a regional ww board

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for you. Maybe you'll get some beta.

Thanks …
I was beginning to think I said something offensive :wink:

or here

I was in the St Regis area and drove along the Saranac River last week. Its pretty down lots of walking

Things are lots better in the spring usually with snowmelt(not this year though)