Adks: Henderson Lake camping?

In the Adirondacks and at the southern access to the High Peaks, Henderson Lake has been open to the public this year. Are there designated or informal spots to camp on this lake at this time?

Not sure
We paddled Henderson last year and were impressed with its total beauty, rock formations and cliffs. Just a wonderful Lake to paddle. I don’t recall seeing any camp sites on the Lake, but it was a year ago when we were there. I’ll check with the “Adirondack Expert” in the family and let you know. It’s well worth a day paddle anyway IMHO. Dorbie

Henderson Lake leanto
Others may add more, but I believe a leanto has been placed at the northern end of the lake that I think is accessible from both the water, and the hiking trail in to Preston Ponds/Duck Hole. I have not seen it in person (other than seeing the materials delivered perhaps a year ago) and don’t know about informal sites. Hope to see more replies.

Camping on Henderson Lake
Last year I encountered a DEC person on the lake, who indicated only camping in designated sites, but that no sites had been established yet (July /04). You might email/phone the DEC in Ray Brook, NY who would have the info., or the name of the ranger for that area who could tell you. It is a beautiful area, not that big for a lake, but nice.

Check this site…

Page for Redhawk, if he doesn’t know, he can steer you in the right direction.

Happy Paddlin’

Grandpa P.