ADKs, Kayaking TO Cranberry Lake


I’m planning a long paddling trip with the goal of working in a stop at my alma matter’s biological station on Cranberry Lake. The lake alone isn’t going to keep me happy as I’ve explored it MANY times.

I was hoping there might be a lesser known waterway or portage that could take me from Bog River Flow to Cranberry. All the flows coming into the lake that I ever saw seemed impossible to get a kayak down, without ALOT of obstacles and shallow sections. Where does Sucker Brook begin as this is a possibility?

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have u tried that site’s far more specific to the adk than this one.

Bog River to Crandberry Lake
There is a fairly standard route from Bog River Flow through Lows Lake, then a 3.5 mile portage to the upper Oswegatchie River. It is then about a 15 mile paddle down that river to Cranberry Lake. Route descriptions are available on the Places 2 Paddle section of the newsletter.

Low’s to Cranberry via Chair Rock
The 3 mile carry from Low’s Lake to the Oswegatchie is a great trip, expect dozens of beaver dams and log jams in beautiful wild country on your way down to Cranberry Lake. On the final segment to get to Cranberry you also have to carry the last 2 miles along the river.

If you want a more direct route to Cranberry from Low’s, there’s a well marked trail heading north from the Grass Pond arm of Low’s, past Fishpole Pond and then along Chair Rock Creek into Cranberry at Chair Rock Flow. It’s about 4 miles.

What he said. Also, check out this thread I started last year on the exact topic on the adk forum.