ADK's - Nine Carries

Planning a paddle from Rainbow Lake to Floodwood with the family this summer. The only section that I am unfamiliar with is the Nine Carries route from St. Regis to Floodwood. What’s it like?


Enjoy the day, Mike

Nine Carries
Mike, although I have not paddled the area, may I suggest as a reference you check “Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow” by Paul Jamieson and Donald Morris. The third edition of this book from Adirondack mountain club has information on camping as well as citing the USGS maps for the area.

Looks like a fun trip.


9 and 7
This and the 7 carries has been a classic canoe route for decades and much has been written on it. While guidebooks cover it, do a web search . . there are numerous websites describing.

Nine carries
Mike, may I suggest these 2 reports

that one is good eh?

good map from St Regis canoe outfitters. I could send you mine if you want. Basicly the area iss well marked and well used. I use it in the spring and fall, not in high summer. The area around Fish Pond is reputed to get crowded, as is the FishCreek area, Floodwood pond etc. If you like to carry you boat, this is the place for you. I did hear about a closed trail between Turtle and Clamshell.

well marked
and an easy day trip for a determined paddler. My husband and a friend do it in seven hours one day at the WCHA Assembly each summer. Good family trip.

Thanks guys and gal
I have the book and map, was just looking for some reports.

Thanks Mike, I forgot about that part of p-net. Two good reports. I’ll let you know when we head up and maybe it will work out that we can get a tour of your shop.

Enjoy the day, Mike

that would be great!
maybe I can spend a few hours with your family in the Adirondacks. Maybe help with the shuttle!

Sounds good
Was planning on using SRCO for the shuttle, but am always open to ideas. Thanks.

Hey, if you want to do a faster paced weekend trip early in the season let me know. I’ll be looking for some conditioning for my West Branch Trip.

Enjoy the day, Mike

While on the subject does
anyone know of any campgrounds besides the state ones. The state grounds do not seem to have elec and water and we would prefer a campground that offers it. Any ideas?


Nearby campgrounds
Donaldson’s Campground on Route 30 is large and on Fish Creek Pond. There’s a store out front on Rte. 30.


Donaldson’s Campground

Box 2

Lake Clear, NY 129445

(518) 891-4458 or 891-4070

(I’m not sure of either phone no., but found them on the 'Net.)

Only a short drive away, Charlie’s Inn, .25 mi. or less north of the junction of 30 and 86, near Lake Clear, has a small campground (24 sites). Premises also include restaurant-bar and laundromat. See here:

(Yes, it’s also for sale, but AFAIK still open.)


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Thanks for the info.
Made my resv for next summer thanks agian

Nine-Carries Route
The Nine-Carries Route entails 4.5 miles of carry. I imagine it could be done in seven hours but why go through such beautiful territory so fast?

Many people attending the WCHA do the SEVEN Carries. The WCHA assembly is often held at Paul Smiths College, the traditional end point for the SEVEN Carries.

nine and seven
Most WCHAers do the shorter though from Paul Smiths and take out at Little Clear (actually five or six carries). They have large heavy boats.

With a lighter boat with a day pack my husband and his friend do nine carries putting in Lower St Regis going through Bog, Little Long, St Regis Pind, Ochre Fish Clamshell and Turtle-Hoel.

There are many variations in nine or seven or fifteen depending on how you want to loop your trip. All the trails are well marked. I find this area to be a little too busy but it is pretty and well suited to a family outing.

Make sure you have the up to date Adirondack Canoe Routes map. Some of the leantos have been removed.