admittedly crazy post re: slick seat

Ok,I wear quick dry nylon paddling pants and paddle a Wenonah with the web seat. I usually slant the seat and kneel with rear on edge of seat. As much as I hate to open myself up to snide comments, I’m wondering if anyone else has dealt with this and how they solved it? No, paddling nekked isn’t the answer!

so many options
You can use the footbrace or knee blocks to lock yourself in. (I’m assuming the problem is that you’re pulling yourself forward off the seat.)

You could put something grippy on the seat (or on your pants), like a piece of carpet pad, or maybe spray on some Silly String.

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Minicell foam

Same issue w/my Wenonah Cascade

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on a trip to the Fon-du-lac River in Saskatchewan. Kept sliding around the seat in the rapids on days I wore my Goretex pants. Though I haven't addressed the issue as of yet, I'm planning on taking Mcnett Seamgrip (tent seam sealant) and applying a thin bead of the stuff down the length of each piece of webbing in the seat, figuring the sealant (sets up like silicone, kinda rubbery) will grip any nylon pants I may be wearing. I'm thinking this is gonna be a surfire fix. Your right though... those seats are damn slippery in the wet wearing nylon pants or rainwear.

It’s probably your kneeling pad.

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I have a hard time imagining sliding around on a seat when kneeling. If you have a good kneeling pad so your knees stay right where you plant them, I don't see how your butt can be anywhere except the place where the geometry of your legs would dictate. If I'm missing something, try less-slippery pants. It might be slippery pants at the knee-boat connection too, not the butt-seat connection. I have some quick-dry pants that feel a lot like cotton, but I have no idea what they are really made of. Maybe try a less-slippery seat - you can get canoe seats from several different places. Get one with a bit of a curved profile and it will be waaaay more comfy than the one that came from Wenonah, and that's reason enough to replace it. Honestly though, I think you could coat my canoe seats with ice and I'd still be fine. All the seat does for me when I'm kneeling is keep me from falling over backward. I can't slide forward on the seat unless my knees slide forward too, and I can't slide side to side because my knees are planted in the chines and I am not equipped with telescoping thigh bones.

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slippery seat
I used to do a lot of white water rafting, and a wet suit could be very slippery. I solved it by going to a shop that sold surf wax, “sex wax” in particular. Rub some on you and on the seat and you won’t slide around.

surf wax sounds like a good idea
I’ve been in boats with the slippery seat issue. It is annoying. I’ve found it mostly on boats with impeccibly cared for wood work. The kind where the oil is rubbed in furniture-quality with no trace at all left of any oil on the surface. Luckily :wink: I can’t seem to achieve that, so my seat always has a tiny bit of tac.

If you don’t have ready access to surf wax, you might try some Watko Teak oil, available at Lowes and HD. Just don’t be super dilligent about leaving no trace on that front edge and I think it will solve it.

oops, I just re-read your post
You’ve got the webbed seat, which means the webbing covers the wood. Forget what I said in your case then.

I’ll leave it posted in case someone else with a caned seat may be slip sliding around while kneeling.

Interesting. I’ve never had that problem with webbing.