Advance Frame Inflatable

We are from Wisconsin and thinking of kayaking the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. My wife is new to this and I have liited experienced. We are intereted in a tandem kayak.

Because of space limitations we are hinking of investing in an inflatable. Has anyone had any experience with the Advanced Frame 2 or the Helios 380X by Innova.

Any advice you could give would sure help me decide.

Maybe inflatable is not the way to go?

Thank you for your help

Rob abd Lisa

Maybe Not…
I have several inflatable boats, and I like them for some uses, but not big open water like the Great Lakes or the ocean.

They are just too suspectiable to strong winds…

Neither one, probably, try Folbot
If reaching the Apostle Islands requires any major open water crossing on Superior, I would say no to both of the boats you mentioned.

I have the Helios 380 and like it a lot for small lakes and solo camping trips that require portaging. Pros: light, tough, fast for an inflatable. Cons: With two people, forget about camping. Not enough space, and the capacity is probably 60 lbs less than they advertise. Open, non-self bailing design means you take on water in waves.

The Airframe 2 may be better, but I have no personal experience. At a glance, it also looks too small to carry two people and enough camping gear for more than an overnight. Pros: decked kayak. With spray skirts it may offer protection from rough conditions. Cons: too small, and seaworthiness untested.

I suggest investing a little more and picking up a used Folbot or Klepper double, or better two singles. There’s also Feathercraft (my favorite), Nautiraid and others. With the exception of Folbot, these are quite pricey. Folding boats are easy to store in small spaces yet offer the kind of seaworthiness and gear storage you seems to require.

It is often windy there.
Expect thunderstorms and just plain windstorms. An inflatable would be a bad choice.

Unless the water is moving downstream,
or it’s a pretty small lake, I would go with about any other option rather than an inflatable. And I paddle/own several of them.