Advanced Element Expedition????

What are these like? I am thinking of getting a couple for the van.

I dunno
You might need more than two for the van, unless it’s a really tiny van.

some limitations
Ok, I don;t know the Expedition model, but I have a pair of lower end Advanced Elements singles (I think the Lagoon model). Got them on closeout from REI last year.

Used them on a road trip to Yellowstone and Glacier NPs last year when gas was over $4 a gallon (so we didn’t want the lower gas mileage for such a long trip from having the hard shelled boats on the roof).

They work fine for what we did, but would not want to do long trips with them. In short, they act more like white water boats - slow in the straight line and hard to keep going straight, but very easy to turn. We met a friend who rented a rec tandem for he and his wife. Usually we are always waiting for them in the rec tandem they own. But with the inflatables, we couldn’t keep up with them.

The ones we haven’t aren’t part of the advanced frame system they seem to be pushing now, so maybe that would help make them faster/track better.

In short, great for tossing in the car and bringing with in case you would have the opportunity to spend a few hours kayaking.

Big thumbs up…
I had one for travel and it’s an outstanding inflatable. I’m a decent size guy at 6-2/210 and it handled my size easily with good room for my size 12 feet. I’ve had it on some Class II water,been hung up on gravel bars, sharp rocks, submerged trees, and there was absolutely no scratches or tears…just some scuffs. AE makes the best bang for the buck inflatables in my opinion. Tracking was excellent, very stable, speed was good, quality is top notch, high quality valves, and AE is noted for excellent customer service. Oh and very comfortable air seat…even after a few hours paddling.