Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport

Has anyone ever used the AdvancedFrame Sport? Specifically the Sport, not the other AdvancedFrame versions. I'd love to know what you think of it, how it handled, and if you prefer something else - what and why.

This is because I am considering the purchase of an inflatable or foldable boat. It must weight less than 30 lbs, fit in a car trunk, and have a capacity of 250lbs or more.

look at Pakboats Puffins
They are “hybrid” folding-inflatable kayaks that are lighter, longer, trimmer and will paddle and handle better than the short wide AE boats. They also have more storage space on board.

The 12’ Puffin (28 lbs) or the 14’ Swift (30 lbs) both have removable decks so they can be paddled as open boats too. The 15’ Saranac (28 lbs) can even be set up as a solo or tandem.

We have one of their XT-15 kayaks. Packs down to a trunk sized duffel bag and sets up in about 20 minutes. Performance is very similar to a good quality hardshell touring kayak. Bought it from an outfitter who uses the Pakboat canoes for guiding fishing trips in Alaska and Patagonia, so they’ve proven to be sturdy craft.

A Pakboat you say?
The seats look brutally uncomfortable. I saw a YouTube video of a Saco assembly and it just made it look even more uncomfortable than in the photos. How is the back support?


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Not the sport model but we used the big AE tandem (AF convertible) last year so comments apply to all models. Worked great for us on flat water. The only reason we upgraded to a hardshell rec boat was our local rivers are clogged with logs and stuff so it worried us a little in the inflatable and slowed us down to keep a watch out. Worked fine on flat water lakes. Inflation and deflation takes about 15 mins once you master a system of doing it. Buy rechargeable pump to do 80% of the work then top off with a hand pump.

very comfortable, actually
The seat in our Pakboat XT-15 is very comfortable, in fact, comparable to the seat in my Feathercraft Wisper. The back and bottom cushions are inflatable and the back is supported by adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the rake on the fly. It gives both good thigh and lumbar support. We even considered buying a Pakboat seat to retrofit a brutally uncomfortable old Dagger Magellan.

AE forum
Also a great source of information is the AE forum. They have dedicated sub-forums to each model.

Cool resource, thanks