Advanced Elements Inflatable Floor substitute?

I bought a used Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame convertible kayak that didn’t include the inflatable floor. Had anyone used a Styrofoam substitute for the inflatable floor? I’m trying to avoid dropping $180 on a new inflatable floor. Without it, the kayak is usable but my dog really doesn’t like the squishy floor.

I use one of those thick closed cell foam rubber kitchen area rugs (mine’s about 36" by 18", available at home supply stores but you can cut them to any size) inside my solo canoe and my skin on frame kayak for cushioning inside the hull. They’re cheap and something you could try to add a little stiffening and some protection from the dog’s claws in the hull.

Thanks for the idea. I’m considering 2" Styrofoam covered by a closed cell yoga mat.

styrofoam sheets typically absorb water so you will want to make sure you have it completely covered and water tight. I would suggest going with a thicker minicell closed cell foam, but it won’t be cheap, since it doesn’t absorb water.

I second tdaniel’s caution about styrofoam and advise against using it. It absorbs water and also is too brittle – it will start to break up as it flexes with the boat and you and the dog sitting and moving on it.

If you can still find some in the stores, the closed cell foam "pool noodles are a stiff and non-absorbent foam. You might try buying a couple and then use a serrated steak or bread knife to saw them in half length-wise, then lay the 4 halves round side down in the hull of the boat and lay the rubber kitchen mat that I recommended on top. They would add a little more stiffness to the length of the hull. By the way, Aldi’s is a good cheap source of the dense foam kitchen mats. I often use pool noodles, whole or sliced, to customize hull fit in my kayaks.