Advanced Elements

Inflatable kayaks, specifically the 10 and 14 foot advancedframe boats. What do you guys think about these things?

I like inflatables…
…provided they’re high quality. A lot of people seem to openly dismiss any inflatable kayak as a bath toy. Even the Sevylor Tahiti K79 looks toyish unless you can find the HF model - hunting/fishing (green/tan vs. canary yellow).

However, that same K79 has been in production since the 1960s and was used on one expedition to traverse the entire length of the Amazon River, TWICE! Definitely NOT a pool toy. Now that being said, I own a K79 HF and I just got a Sevylor K1 Pointer.

I just got the K1 so I can’t comment on how it handles because I haven’t even taken it out yet. I hope to post a review and some pics from the shakedown cruise later in the week. I really like my K79 even though it’s tough to pilot with two people. It’s better with one person and definitely better with a skeg to help tracking. I got the K1 because I wanted something a bit smaller and quicker to inflate. Also I wanted something a bit more kayak-like. The K1 Pointer is a lot like the Advanced Elements inflatables in that it has rigid reinforcements and a spray deck, although with the K1 they’re ABS plastic instead of aluminum like in the Advanced Elements. I think it’ll be a blast and I’m sure the AE would be too. The only reason I didn’t get an AE like you are interested in is that #1 I could get the K1 a little bit cheaper, #2 It looks like the K1 might have a little more storage space #3 I like my K79 so brand loyalty won out. Probably what I like the most about inflatables is the portability. No roof racks, no storage woes. Both of my kayaks can be stored in my bedroom closet in their respective duffels along with pfds, paddles, and pump. You simply can’t do that with a hardshell kayak.

AE makes some high quality
kayaks. I have their AdvanceFrame 10.5’ and their Expedition 13’. I prefer the 13’ due to my size 12 feet, 6-2 tall, and 215 weight. Daughter loves to paddle the 10.5 as she smaller. I have paddled the 10.5 and it works just fine, but prefer the extra room of the larger one. Both have been down some rough water, hung up on rocks, dragged across sand/rocks, and not even a scratch on their hulls. Darn good materials used, valves are military style (no Boston valves thank you), and both track well with decent speed. I have had them down some rivers that the hard boats will not go…very stable. There is no one boat that does it all, but these get close. Company located here in N. California and dealers say service is outstanding. One of the best inflatables at any price.

AE and other inflatables
They are awesome boats and well worth the money imho. Only problem for apartment dwellers is cleaning and drying the boats. You don’t want to put a wet boat into storage in your closet and these things, with the nylon and pvc multi-hulls, can be a pain to get fully dry. I usually leave mine out on the balcony to dry (I have a stearns spree 1 and an innova sunny).