Advanced Open Coastal

For those interested we posted a few vid clips from my AOC training last weekend.

Big thanks to Flatpick and his team for bringing me back alive


I espescially liked

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this one:

I think that's Jonathan isn't it with the blue explorer.

When he's coming in he performs a nice stern draw to bring himself off the rocks to the left, and then once he's further in, he does a cross bow rudder to suck back off the rocks to the right. Nicely done.

Of course in the next one:
somebody almost surfed into their buddy and then almost crashed into some nasty looking rocks!
That's excitement.

You’re right…
The clip you mentioned is Jonathan, but it’s a Romany not the Explorer. Although that’s an easy mistake since he’s often seen in either one :slight_smile:

As for the person in the other vid clip. That’s our beloved “Flatpick” in action. He had to do some pretty nifty maneuvering to keep from trashing AJ (the other boater) in the surf. He moved to the right (his right) to miss AJ and then payed the price with the next big wave … hehe.

Flatpick is a machine though, so we don’t worry about him much … grin


for posting these Wade.

We had 5 ACA instructors upgrade to the Advanced Open Water cert this weekend. 1 upgraded from Basic to open coast and one upgraded from intro to paddling to Basic coastal.

Congrads to them all. and our beloved Wade went from a strong level 3 to a well trained level 4 paddler nearly ready for a 4 assessment!

amazing what a three day weekend with proper EDU can do for your skills, eh? :wink:

btw, I’ll have Wade’s full blown 15 minute DVD of the weekend at the Midwest Mountaineering event this weekend, along with a 45 min slide show of PNW paddling!


… to see a Romany being used for proper fun!


Excellent videos, but…
I won’t show them to my wife until she has a little more experience and confidence…ssshhhh

I always knew you guys were up to no good up there. That was some extreme rock gardening…

OOOPS, I did
show them to my wife and after she gasped in some air she quickly said to me, “you’re not planning on ever attempting that kind of stuff are you?!!” I told her that in “my dreams” I would love to do that but in reality, I don’t think that I could ever have the guts and the skills necessary to play in the surf near the rocks like these gifted kayakers did. Heck, I’d be glad to just safely play in mild surf down on the beaches of Delaware.


I posted them to our club web board
Thanks, they’re great.


You guys are NUTS!

oh come on now…

Me don’t think so…

We’re in control, practicing and training, in the coastal environment. Welcome to my world.

Seriously, this is all in a days work. We do this sort of training often, have a team of instructors and co-horts that number 20+, and this is but a quick snap shot of what we do out here.

Folks are always talking up the ‘rough conditions’ that their boats perform so well in and this is but a video example of them thar conditions, eh?



yes awesome
and i cant wait to try some of the manouevers (homage to the brit boats) i see in the clips. u go dude!

Well it does give us…
Something to shoot for!

and if anyone’s…
interested, we do this sort of training out here in Oregon on a regular basis. For paddler’s comfortable in Level 3+/4 (BCU 4 star) we can offer this training as an AOC (Advanced Open Coastal) package.

Heck, plan your vacation, fly out and we’ll show you the sites!


btw, Wade is just about done with a 15 min DVD showing off the skills we worked on this Easter weekend. we may be sending out copies for minimum $$.


Everybody reading this list is capable
Everyone reading in this forum is capable of doing these level four type trips. Only weeks ago I too was on the sidelines wishing for the training/skills to get me into this type of paddling.

The real difference is the training! I’ve been on the fast track in training mainly because I have access to very high caliber instructors and partially because I have the benefit of living in an area that presents a perfect venue for this type of paddling.

In summary, training, training, training. Look for quality training in your area of the world.



An intro whitewater class is also good training for this sort of thing – even fairly tame whitewater gets you used to being on waves and in currents near rocks, and being close to other boats.

the difference is
in a ww boat, it is 6-8’ long and won’t crumple and sink when crashed into a rock. Also the fact that most are planing hulls that turn on a dime make it a lot different.

Re: Advanced Open Coastal

I notice you are mailing from Anglesey. A few of us are coming over to Wales next week for the Anglesey Symposium. Will you be there?

Also, I would like to second Flatpick’s invitation to folks to come out here and paddle. These videos hardly start to scratch the surface of what we have out here. We have some magnificent coastal paddling and way more conditions than anyone could hope for. No chance of getting board :wink:


– Jon

Rough water is one thing
Rough rocks in close proximity are another! Looks like fun, but a bit beyond me this week.

After watching these…
I feel as if I should go to my profile and change my skill level from intermediate to whatever comes before beginner!!

Seriously, the Dead Man’s Cove waters look like what I see in my beloved Fremont Canyon… only on steroids!

I will now return to my instructional tapes a humbled paddler…


Anglesey Symposium
Looking forward too meeting everyone… join my Incident Management clinics if you want more wet fun around the rocks, especially if you’re in hire boats!