Advanced technical info on paddling?

I’m really wanting to learn the physics and hydrodynamics of canoeing. Everything related to the canoe itself and the paddle as well. How different parts of the canoe react to the water and the same for the paddle.

I’d really like a good video, since I’m a visual learner, but I’ll take websites and books as well.

I realize this is actually a HUGE questions, so recommendations for beginning info to intermediate info would be appreciate, but advanced info is also welcomed.


Some links
Start here:

Several good articles there.


try this

Site is under construction but links to the major instructional events are there.

Very few videos available but I believe Mark and Becky Molina have materials.

I prefer the hands on approach with instructor feedback.

Its all about water time and self discovery time. If hooked you may find yourself in the boat every day for hours.

Mike and Tania Fries
Made a video a while back , Mostly on lpaddling techniques and training but it is good.

contact JJ paddles in Auburn NY

John Winters wrote some very detailed
lengthy papers on the subject of hull design. He has back grounds in large and small hulls. Before canoes he did a lot with racing sail boat hulls.

Look his stuff up.



videos are next best to instructor
When you live a long way from an instructor, like I do, you can take advantage of video training. The best I’ve seen so far is Their video “Drilltime: Solo Playboating”, is fantastic for learning the strokes and honing your skills. Focuses on whitewater, but every stroke I learned there is also taught in Freestyle. The Freestyle videos I like are by Mark and Becky Molina I’ve taken private instruction from Bob Foote, Karen Knight, Jackie Peppe, Bob Mann, Jimmy Holcomb (NOC) and everything I learn on the water is covered in one of these videos so I can go back and cover it after the class ends and I start to forget some of the things I’ve learned.

I have the DVD from John Winters about canoe design and it, too, is a really good resource. It’s available through

Good luck and have fun