AdvancedFrame Expedition

I am thinking about buying one for its ease of storage.

I know all the positives, what are the negatives.

It will be used mainly on slow rivers, lakes and esturies.

I don’t have the advanced frame, but have Advanced Elements Lagoons. The Lagoon is shorter than what you are considering, and I think has less of the hard surface that the advanced frame gives.

I have some paddling friends who have a double recreational boat. When we go with them in our sea kayaks, we have to wait for them. On a vacation, we brought our inflatables and they rented a recreational boat similar to what they own - on that trip, they had to wait for us.

Your boat being longer and with more hard surface may not be as bad in this aspect as our Lagoons are.

As with any open boat (no spray skirt), water does get inside, and it is hard to drain it all the way out before storing the boat. Probably a mold factory, but at least it is out of sight.

Thank you.