Advantage seat height

-- Last Updated: Mar-27-11 8:19 AM EST --

i changed the kevlar small bucket seat intended for kneeling to the larger plasic bucket. im unable to kneel but appreciated the increased stability. when seated I dont feel comfortable in rougher water. For seated paddling in the Advantage, should I drop the seat height and if so by how much? 5'11" and 220 pounds. 52 inch bent shaft zav. what is the seat height in any Advantqge you guys may own? Pros and cons?

The smaller seat wasn’t intended for kneeling, but for smaller rear ends. The larger seat adds a lot more comfort for people in our size range (I am still a bit wider than you, but gaining… er, losing fast).

I am not at home to measure, but the seats on both my Advantages and my Voyager are all the same height, and seem a bit high at first. I feel you get used to them with some seat time.

A lot of poeple have lowered the seats on their Voyagers for better stability, and I was going to do that with mine when I first got it too.

I came to the Voyager from a Sawyer Shockwave which had a seat that was height adjustable. I always had the Shockwave set to the middle position.

I found I got used to the higher seat in the Voyager over time, and the higher position is better for faster paddling. When I got my Advantage a few years later, it felt VERY stable after the Voyager and I have never considered changing the seat height.

i only tried the “wide ass” seat once in the fall and and am hoping the larger contact area help me gain stability. Ive had the boat for a couple years, just never felf cmfortable in open wter.