Adventure Cats Colorado Road Trip

A little vicarious travel.

Very cool!
Telluride is where they also have a major film festival, yes? It looks like it is in a pretty contained space and must require way advance reservations. I have done some smaller film festivals and am eyeing one of the bigger ones sometime.

Telluride does hold a big film festival each year, as well as other festivals (hot-air balloons, blues, yoga, etc). Yes, advance reservations are needed—probably WAY in advance. There is a town campground in walking distance from the performance area. They might allow first-come first-served for the festival; I am not sure about that but do know the rules are different from normal for the festival duration. Management at that time is handed to the festival organizers instead of the town as usual.

If you want more info, check the websites. I’ll also keep my eyes peeled for brochures at local visitor centers if you want. T-ride is about 60 miles from our home, though it is a slow drive. The air proximity means that some of their tourism brochures are kept in many visitor centers and stores.

I thought it was high time that outdoors-buddy cats got some recognition!

My old cat would have just bitten me. For the record, the Million Dollar Highway is not from Durango to Telluride, but rather just the 25 mile stretch of US 550 from Silverton to Ouray. The whole drive is beautiful though.

Pikabike - I’m 60 miles the other side of Telluride, but my drive is definitely a little more straightforward than yours!

a cat that likes water! There was Travels with Charlie (Steinbeck’s poodle)…now we have Travels with Simon (the cat)…beware of Simon using the litterbox while you’re driving, an accident could be the result.

I have traveled with cats for years and have to find one that will use a litter box in a car. There have been times l wish they had…

This one seems to like swimming and he can keep his tail dry!