Adventure seeking wanted

Hi I’m interested in finding a partner or group for adventure in the wilderness. Kayak, canoe, hiking, camping, fishing. I’m in great shape and can handle any conditions in the wild.

Howdy. Any wilderness in particular?

The phrase handle any condition in the wild is a red flag
A pro even does not state that
With experience comes humility

Ok. I guess I can handle certain conditions. No I’m not a pro. But am ready to experience. I live in central Texas. I would like to take the pecos river canoe trip. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

I did a search on Google for canoe & kayak clubs in Texas.
Within 5 minutes I found listing for over 10 of them.
I’ll bet money they could offer you a lot more information than can get on this website.

Ya think?


I was a member of the Houston club. They paddled mostly at the coast.

I need to find a good group around Jacksonville, FL.

Shiraz627 let me know if you are interested in some wilderness camping in the Okefenokee Swamp sometime. I live just north of Jacksonville.


Hello Camille,

I posted on one of the other boards about paddling the San Elena Canyon in August as an overnight trip. I’m currently in College Station, TX. This is in Big Bend National Park. Feel free to send a message if you’re interested.


I would love to have new companions too! Three or four new people would be so great!

@kerlino said:
I would love to have new companions too! Three or four new people would be so great!

If that’s the case, then you should state your area, the type of kayak/canoe you paddle and where you paddle.

Anyone wanting to paddle the Gulf Islands National Seashore in AL/MS is welcome to contact me. October - early April is best paddling. Too hot/buggy for me to camp out in my home waters during the summer months. Drysuit or wetsuit suggested after Thanksgiving - water usually in low 50s and you are 7 - 10 miles offshore along the barrier islands.