Adventures in Identifying---My Canoe!

Help! Y’all may be my last and only hope in the ‘Great Canoe Identifying Crisis’…

  1. I am new to the world of canoes.
  2. This Summer I purchased a canoe off of FB Marketplace.
  3. Gentleman didn’t have much knowledge of said canoes history. It was in my price range so I purchased it. With that being said—I have searched all kinds of sites to see If a photo would pop up by what little information I got from off of the canoe.
  4. With some NEW knowledge I hope that I will be able to find replacement parts to restore and renew her back to almost new. My mum passed suddenly a year ago and I will be naming her after my mum and painting it with Our Western Samoan Symbols. I will post photos of all of the “markings” i.e. clues, in hopes they will be recognized by someone.

Thank You In Advance for any help!

Apparently the manufacturer, Craftline Industries, only existed for 7 years, 1971 to 1978:

So you know approximately how old the canoe is. It was probably a small company that sold locally. I don’t know much about canoes, but maybe if you post pictures of the whole canoe, and/or the parts you want to update, someone else might be able to offer advice on restoring it. Good luck with your project!

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Thanks for the reply. I’m new to the forum, it wouldn’t let me post more than 1 photo. I’ll post some more in this thread.

The plate is as clear as it is… I hope this works. I need to replace the gunwales and repair the edges underneath where someone did a quick fix… Any information is much appreciated.
I can only upload 1 photo per thread due to me being new to the forum.

I definitely can’t read that. Can you tell what it says?