Advertiser at it again even on

I couldn’t help but notice the bikini glad gals on a sit on top kayak in the ad for Kaku in the latest Paddle News email. No lifejack/pfd anywhere on their bodies or on their kayaks. I guess the companies just want to sell their product without a thought to the non-safety message they send out. Shame on them. Out of curiosity, I checked their website. Only one you tube link showed a pfd. None of their other photos ever showed one.

Marketing. Their goal is to catch your eye, not drown you.

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Just Ad Water (the Boys Want)

Perhaps they should market with Ms. Mae West?
A Perfectly Fine Damsel self-equipped at buoyant best.

Or maybe Mustang Sally with her self-inflating pfd.
C-O-2 sans any cartridge to float your capsized fantasies.