advice about a heritage featherlite 14

i am new to kayaking and want to by my first kayak–took a lesson this summer-- the outfitter is selling his 2005 to make room for the new ones—its in ok shape the price is $400 —new about $800 --what are the pros and con with this type of kayak—plans r to kayak on lake mich-lake huron-and mich.rivers–thanks for your advice—the kayak weighs 55#–i am 5’10’’ and 180#–its looks and feels a little cheap—but it should for that price—should it still give me years of service???—thanks----phil

Heritage Featherlite
Heritage makes decent boats and the featherlite 14 is probably a good starter boat if you want to get into kayaking. It’s a rec boat and there are more popular models that people are more familiar with because of the heavy marketing of some other brands. For $400 bucks and if you have paddled the boat and are happy with the handling and stability go for it. You may find that if you want to paddle in heavy conditions on the Great Lakes you will move up to a more traditional sea kayak. Also the featherlite is not going to be good in rapids in rivers but OK for slow moving rivers. Check out the boat reviews here to see if there is info on that particular model.

Its a fair price. Pretty decent boat
for just punting around lakes and slow streams, but be sure to get a spray skirt if you take it onto the great lakes or other body of water where there may be lots of wave action. The Featherlite is also a good fishing kayak. Spend a few extra bucks and get a good paddle, it will go with you when/if you upgrade. Also, be sure to wear the pfd.