Advice about folding kayaks

We have a timeshare on Grand Cayman. The condo complex is on the ocean on the NE end of the island and has lots of potentially good kayaking. There are no kayak shops or tour organizations on the island. So I was considering the option of taking folding kayaks on the airline and using them while we are there. What has been your experience with doing something like that? Any recommendation about folding kayaks? What problems should I anticipate?

Go with a small package
like a Feathercraft. Airlines have been decreasing the baggage allowance. On US flag carriers, it is 2 pieces of 50 lb bags plus a carry on. I used to be able to carry my Khats and all gear in its backpack at 69lbs, but lately carried it and gear in 2 bags. I like the Khatsalano. The Kahuna is a decent kayak too. I have no experience with the Wisper,K1 or the sit on tops. Trak, Folbot and Bergans make sleeker models too. Try

I looked at the Khatsolano
It looks like a great boat and would work well for me. But, $5200? Wow! One for me and my wife = over $10,000. Maybe I need a second mortgage.

Buy used
$2000-2500 could score you a Khats. About $1000 for a K-Light.

I have used my Khats on salt water trips, last one a 20 day trip from Okinawa to Amami Island Japan last year pics here

We have a timeshare on Grand Cayman.
I am sorry to hear it, perhaps you can “unwind” it before you lose too much coin. Sorry, couldn’t help myself but to interject my thoughts (as well as that of Money Magazine, Suze Orman, Jean Chatzsky, and every other money guru out there): don’t walk, run, from timeshares.

Been to Grand Cayman many times, but have not seen a kayak rental place. But with the inconvenience of toting a 50 plus lb folder in a bag, you likely could rent a kayak every time down there more inexpensively.

Here’s a kayak rental place I found online:

Yep, rent. Even if $50 a day, you could rent it for 100 days before you’d hit the price of a folder or two.

Turtle Farm, gotta love the Turtle Farms on Grand Cayman. Rum and turtles, and more to do in the water than above, I am told. I have been there three times, and other than spending $50 for two burgers and two margaritas at that bar on the water east of the cruise ship port, and taking the bus around the island, it looks rather placid. But warm, that’s for sure. And no koos or anything dangerous. Enjoy.

Here’s a shot from this September, Wisper and K-light in Glacier NP:

The Wisper-in its backpack, backpack in the big FC travel bag, Lotus Ocean PFD, 4 piece Aquabound paddle,Chillcheater spraydeck was 48 pounds.

The problem with rentals especially island rentals is the plastic tubs-heavy non-responsive etc. that they have. I made the decision somewhere on the s.island of nz…so many places to paddle and no rentals.

With FC you can get a kayak that is as technical as you want to be, i.e. kats,wisper, or as stable as you want to be, i.e. kahuna, k-light,k1…

Yep big money for an FC but the lifespan of a folding kayak is 20-40 years and you can replace each little component.

I’ve got an urge to fly the Wisper to the Virgin Islands National Park in February.

Another option that is really exciting is the Yost hybrid folder/inflattable…BrazilBrazil can offer details on them.

Watch this space:

I have no problem carrying a pair of duffels with a boat and kit. If you do it enough it will pay back in rental fees. In a matter of years I was able to accumulate enough paddling days in my boat to offset rental fees. But I was in the boat of my choice and not a sea pig from the local livery. Nor did I have to go through any screening. Just my take on things.


Even watch Ebay
There is a KLight for sale there item 330184873736

I had one from 1994-2001 and had a really great time with it, taking trips to the Philippines, Hawaii, Tokyo. I used to take it along on Medevacs from Okinawa and did lots of paddling on Tokyo rivers when I was dating June. Not as fast as the Khats, but lots easier to assemble. Being able to bring along a boat during my travels really enhanced my experiences. Besides the $1800 I paid, it cost me my marriage and about $45,000 in alimony payments and my little dog his life. Well worth it.

’it cost me my marriage and about $45,000 in alimony payments and my little dog his life. Well worth it’

and i got off cheap…no alimony in the state of TN woohoo

but seriously the k-light is an awesome boat…assembly time in the 15 minute range and like most FCs you’ve got more than one boat depending on how you inflate or dont inflate the sponsons.

Inflatables are a good way to go…
…if you are not looking to take out another Mortgage as you stated. There are some rather inexpensive folding boats such as Pakboat and Folboat. If you are looking to spend between $200 and $1000 then the inflatable direction would be the way to go. I personally have only put together a Pakboat which took me about 20-30 min the first time. I have paddled all of Advanced Elements kayaks. They are good, reliable inflatable kayak. The upper models perform similar, if not better in some cases, than hardshells of the same size and shape. They can easily be transported on a plane as well. Check them out and see what you think.


Different way to go. . .
. . .if you want to save money but can spend time.

This looks very interesting
Have you built one? Or anyone else on the board? Are there kits available? How hard is it?

consult BrazilBrazil
his is very familiar with the yost system and i think involved even as i type in a yost folder (or two)…luckily several weeks ago I got to see some of the process…if so motivated you can do this.

Try looking…
at Tom (Yost) posts over there, as well as several folks who have built his boats. There is a separate forum category for homemade folders.