Advice about paddling in Ike . . .


If you’re anywhere in the Galveston area, or along the neighboring coastline, this storm is forecast to be a killer. Residents in the immediate Galveston area are being advised to evacuate on peril of death.

Please follow the course of this storm in the media and evacuate if advised to do so. In the course of my life and work, I have seen countless tragedies where people underestimated the power of a hurricane.

The circumstances behind this posting may seem self-evident to almost all of us, but there will be a minority who are at risk of being among those who put their lives on the line for the sake of adventure. Get out of Dodge and take your kayak(s) with you!


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How about surfing?

On a serious note, I hope that Ike does not become as strong as forecasters fear. We've had our share of hurricanes in North Carolina over the years, and they need to be taken seriously. Even a Cat 1 hurricane or tropical storm can cause incredible storm surges and flooding from the rain.

The surge is going to be unreal given the Gulf bathymetry in that area, morphology of the estuaries in the region, and breadth of this storm. This is seriously a time to head for higher ground.

news footage shows the water is
already breaking over the Galveston Seawall.

Storm surge will not be an issue at my house, but the winds will definitely be an issue.

Hwy 87 Port Arthur, Sabine Pass,
They just announced that Hwy 87 already has 8 inches of water over the road…the surge arriving hours and hours befor the storm. Highway to Sabine Pass impassable…High Island…impassable.

Sheltering in place in Beaumont…windows boarded against the wind. Cars moved out of the path of potentially falling trees as much as possible…which is difficult where I live. Only thing left to do is to move the generator from the garage.

funny thing about cats
Despite having plywood completely covering my windows, my cats are sitting in their usual spot on the window sill where they normally watch the hummingbirds. They are patiently staring at the plywood…as if it was the most fascinating scene in the world.

Go figure the mind of a cat. :slight_smile:

Good Luck
And check in when it’s over.

I’m well inland in Louisiana and have weathered many hurricanes. Most folks in my family evacuate the coastal areas to my place. Hurricane Gustav reeked havoc on us even up here. If it can cause such havoc inland just imagine the coastal areas. They are extremely dangerous. I’ve seen coastal surges from hurricanes. You cannot outsmart or out run them. Listen to Angell and get out.

We’re thinking of Texas Lady and other friends in Texas as Ike bears down on them and we still dig out from Gus. Best of luck.

Save your breath

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If anyone is going to paddle in the storm do you really think this post is going to change them.

You are the one who had problems at a boat launch with power boats and came whining and now you're giving advice against paddling in a hurricane...YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No gimme a break! ...and please let us know when it is safe to go back in the water.

Paddlin' on

Take care Jill

Ike …
… it looks possible that Ike will have the right upper atmospheric conditions after landfall about 6 hrs. from now -(Houston/Galvaston TX.) , to move N.Eastward after clearing N.E. TX. , all the way to the Great Lakes region .

Coming from the S.W. on a line between S.Wis/N.Ill. at breakfast time on Mon. morning , possibly “growing” back into a Cat.1 again or nearly so there . Then moving E. into Mich. before breaking up again into a tropical depression … for the second time …

Ours prayers are with all along the Gulf coast in her way … Gulf E.C.-N.E.,Tx and S.C.-S.W.,LA. …

Ike is moving very slow 11-12 mph., and has a very low pressure near 28 hg. . Storm surge is going to be bad , some areas may see near 20’ … Ike is big . Coastal waters in her path are in mid 80’s, she is loading up on fuel !!

Do not let the Cat # fool you …

Barometric pressure is falling rapidly already on a line from Galveston to Dallas Fortworth into OK. . East of that line will probably very be severe …

now Fri.eve., 8 pm. EST.

re: waves
Ike is powerful. We’re hundreds of miles away, on the gulf coast in Venice, Fla (about an hour’s drive South from Tampa) and have had 6-7’ surf for the last 2 days.


Good luck Jill!
Are the boats secure?


Re: Save your breath - to GK
Actually, when I wrote the post, I was thinking of you. Somebody who enjoys deliberately shooting low head dams might be stupid enough to run down to the Gulf coast and take on IKE. After all, somebody posted recently about their experiences paddling in Gustav. I said the post would not apply to most of us. Again, try reading the post before attacking the one who posted.

As far as knowing when it’s safe to go back in the water . . . you should be able to figure it out yourself: you’re the kayak instructor, though I cannot imagine you having enough patience or compassion to make a beginning paddler feel comfortable in their boat.

Very interesting

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...but after the diatribe of your incident at the boat ramp I question your ability to think and know much about paddling and the water.

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The FLA Surfers Are Taking Advantage
for sure. Newbie kayakers do best by staying on shore.