Advice and Guidance for getting Kayak parts for Necky (Swallow)

These are hand-me-downs and are over 30 years old. Still in farily good shape but are needing some TLC. I believe they are Necky (Swallow) kayaks. The faint label is barely visible. Any advice and guidance that will help with our journey in getting these oldies but goodies back in the water. Thank you from the other down under (NEw Zealand). :slight_smile:

Tom at Top Kayaker probably can help if anyone can.

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Thanks for your feedback szihn,

I see TopKayaker frequently in other posts. Any info is much appreciated. A good place to start. I hope you are having a good day.

parts you need are?

Hello PaddleDog52,
I pretty much need everything, except for the kayak. :slight_smile: I’ve been in touch with Tom at TopKayaker, so this has been extremely helpful in learning about what exactly I need for this particular kayak. spray skirt (neoprene or nylon), hatch covers, rigging, etc. I can;t believe how comprehensive the site is. Cheers, Gretchen

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You could also try Johnson Outdoors, although I wouldn’t expect too much. They bought Necky in 1998, but discontinued the entire line a few years ago. They also own Old Town and Ocean Kayaks.

In theory, they will still honor the Necky lifetime warranty, but have almost no parts. I agree that Top Kayaker is your best bet.