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Hello All -

This is my first time on this site and looking for advice or suggestions on my next kayak purchase. I will try to describe what I am trying to accomplish and hopefully there is a kayak out there for me. Basically, I am a somewhat experienced kayak-er, but only with a tandem (Malibu Two)kayak as my wife and I use it together. Well, its time, and we have both agreed that we want to do separate things with our kayak. Fine by me! I live in Florida, gulf coast, and kayak mainly in the ocean. I am also a fisherman and exercise enthusiast. My ideal kayak would allow for me to use the kayak on the weekday for exercising purposes (smooth and fast preferably) and fishing on the weekends. I would also like having the stability of a sit on top. I was looking at the trident Ultra 4.7. Any recommendations or suggestions welcomed and hopefully I am not asking too much all balled into 1 kayak.

Some others to think about …
It seems like the trend in kayak marketing is to put a lot of “features” on a SOT and then sell it at a higher price as a “fishing” kayak. Why not just buy a Prowler 15 preferably used and save $1000. Or even a scupper pro used and save more. If you want something fast and fun to paddle look at the RTM tempo or disco or some of the South African SOTs.

Appreciate the feedback
I appreciate your feedback. Seems like there are so many choices and its going to be really difficult in choosing

4.7’is a nice big boat
How big are you?

4.7 Inquiry
I am 6 foot 205 pounds

Use what you have
How about convert your existing tandem into a fishing kayak? A lot of fishing kayaks are short and stubby and not as stable as a larger kayak. If you use your tandem, you already have a larger platform for more stable fishing in the ocean.

If your tandem does not have hull barrier dividing the front cockpit from the rear cockpit, you only have to remove one seat and move the other toward the middle. OR, if the hull has a barrier between front and back, cut it out and add a comb to the now larger cockpit.

Check out Walmart online for kayak fishing hardware. Their price and selection is excellent.

I agree with other posts that buying a fishing kayak comes with a

No Hull Barrier
I really never thought of converting my Malibu II. Are there rod holders available that I dont have to drill holes in my Kayak in order for them to work?

In know the Malibu 2XL can be set up as a single seater with one seat in the middle,. Can the Malibu 2 do that?

FYI - your subject says sea kayak, and for many people, a sea kayak is a type of kayak (sit inside touring kayak), where I think you are looking for a kayak you can use on the sea? It does sound like if the Malibu 2 doesn’t work for you, you would want to stick to a sit on top kayak.

Malibu II
Actually I have the Malibu II which does allow for center seating.

fast sit on top
After you convert your double into a fishing boat, consider an Epic v8 or Think Eze or Stellar SR. 2-3x as fast as a your average plastic bathtub kayak and lots of feedback for fitness paddling. In other words the boat will go faster as you get fitter unlike your average SOT.

While someone will surely chime in that you can fitness paddle in anything, believe me, it’s infinitely more satisfying to paddle a boat that doesn’t max out at 4 mph.

Cobra Pro Fisherman
I have one of the Cobra ProFisherman. Very happy with it