advice between to canoes

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(guess thats what I get for typing in the dark..I meant TWO canoes. :) ...)
Hello, I am looking to get a new canoe...I had a 17' fiberglass Ranger that was made here in WA state. The 2 I am looking at are a 17' mad river explorer rayolex for $850 with 3 nice paddles and PFD's and kevlar rub strips front and back. the other is a old town Canadienne 17 glass as well. it is $900. I havent seen either in person yet but have seen pics. the mad river is the more used boat doe sure but definitely not beat up. I dont do white water and the water will be lakes. And advice on which is a better boat? I have read both are pretty good but I am not sure if the prices are good.
thank you for any info!

Prices seem high for used boats
On the other hand if they are in really good shape they might be a bargain. Compare the used prices to prices to purchase them new. Canoes don’t depreciated with age like cars. They depreciate with condition, so “like new” canoes with no scratches will sell for less than $100 off the new price but you get to try it out for free.

The more used it looks the less it is worth.

My personal opinion is that I really like the way the Mad River boats paddle.

two canoes
I have owned both or should say my ex and I owned both. I still have my old town canadienne. old town no longer makes the canadienne - sold the mold to bell so depending on the shape could be an investment…mad river explorer- we used for the rivers and the old town for the lakes like up in the bwca/quetico area… both are excellent canoes and am considering picking up an explorer for the rivers again…

Royalex Explorer
I’ve got a Royalex Explorer that I mostly paddle solo.

I love it for river tripping and poling. I don’t like it at all paddling solo on lakes since any wind just pushes it all over the place. It’s OK as a tandem on lakes though there are many more efficient and faster tandems.

I’ve had the boat for almost 10 years, learned to paddle whitewater and pole on rocky New England rivers and generaly beat the snot out of it. It’s not pretty but I expect to get plenty of use out of it in future.


Go for the Canadienne…
by far a faster boat and ceratinly is more versatile. The Canadiennes will only get harder to find whereas you will always be able to pick up a Royalex Explorer if you wish sometime in the future.

I have owned an Explorer (got rid of it because it was slow) and have paddled the Canadienne quite often. I really think that the paddling characteristics differ tremendously.