Advice fixing leak in NDK Explorer HV

Recently I went on a trip to Nova Scotia, and found that I had a small leak where the rope control for the skeg enters the cockpit (left rear). As I took water over the stern in following seas, the cockpit slowly filled up with water. When I dripped some water into the depression where the tubing exits from under the deck, water leaked into the left rear corner of the cockpit. My thoughts are to use some epoxy both on the inside of the cockpit and around the tubing. Any one else had this problem? How did you fix it? By the way, the Explorer HV handled great. As long as I kept my head, it took good care of me.

Skip N.

try the NDK forum

If you go to the NDK website and post to the forum I’m sure they will give you a good answer. It usually takes a couple days. go to

I’d use sealant. Personally I use Rule ELASTOMERIC MARINE SEALANT. It is more flexible than epoxy, especially around hoses/tubing.

3M 5200 or other marine sealants would work too.

yep the HV is a great boat. i paddled one for a couple seasons guiding in the San Juans in WA. a beast of a gear hauler and FUN.


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yeah ive gained back up to 240
and am considering swapping my regular for an hv.


So them big knee bumps are ugly enough to keep me in a Regular EX if I was a NDK player!



the seats…
i think the seats are crippling anyways and besides the remarkable comfort in cutting it out and outfitting with minicell foam seat (and now nigel offers a really nice coth covered foam seat option - if the boat is ordered new, they don’t hang a stock seat and will ship to you with the foam seat separate so you can install where you see fit), i gained a little bit of leg room

just an idea for ya’ll of the paddler plus dimensions.

leaky NDK?
i can’t believe it :wink:

crippling seats???

what the heck is this world coming to?


they ‘do’ generally have dry hatches, tho!



Rope skeg under the deck?
As far as I know the rope skegs run on top of the deck and don’t go down until inside the rear bulkhead, where there is an encased section of tube they run thru straight down to the skeg. At least that’s how the rope skegs run on my Explorer LV and all the other Brit boats I’ve seen.

Has NDK changed their rope skegs or is the skeg in question something else?

control line to skeg
The line runs under the deck along the left side of the cockpit (when sitting in kayak) within a plastic tube. It drops under the deck at the rear of the ckpit, and reappears at the left front.

this style is between old and newest (actually old- revisited)

they only did this for a season and a half , me thinks.


Rear rope skeg
Celia’s Explorer has a Valley rear rope skeg – something that MIKCo recomends.

Some NDK boats have forward control rope skegs, in which case the line runs inside the cockpit.

those front control “rope skegs” …
those front control “rope skegs” were a disaster in engineering and quickly abandoned. they failed within a couple of months, the very small diameter ‘string’ they used for the “rope”, fraying and breaking, or jamming in that front control. i’d like to meet the guy who came up with that item. several folks i know, replaced the contraption with a rear ‘rope’ and cleat like the old style, and ran it across the top of the deck.

those front control “rope skegs” … a real beauty that one.

the cleat was soooo convieniently placed UNDER your chart and right OVER your knee. d’oh.