Advice for Apostle Islands

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I am interested in a weekend trip in the Apostle Islands. We're planning an early June trip. I have kayaked on the Great Lakes before, but never in this area. I have heard that the Inner Island Loop is feasible in 2-3 days, but I would appreciate advice about campsites, itinerary, islands to visit, or any other tidbits from some established Apostle-ites. Thanks,

the sea caves on sand island are pretty good, but if the weather cooperates, the “back” side of devils island is where the best caves are. there is a really nice beach with campsites on york island that i liked also. if you are on the other end, i really liked the lake-side beach on stockton, and if its relatively warm, there are some cool underwater rock arches/tunnels you can swim through to the east side of the beach.

Stockton and Devil’s are on the “outer loop” I guess you’d call it. You can get pretty big water out there, but if you’re up to it Devil’s sea caves (and lighthouse) are worth the trip.

Four miles from Little Sand Bay put-in is Sand Island’s campground and a short distance from there you’ll find sea caves and a light house. York Island (next to Sand) has great camping and likely to be free of power and sail boaters. Raspberry Island’s lighthouse is closed for restoration this year and a long walk from the sandspit so I’d probably skip that - no camping there either.

I’ve never been there in June but the bugs (black flies? deer flies?) might be a little bad.

Oh yeah - the water will be cold up there still. Actually it’s always cold up there. Oak Island sandspit has a nice campground, too.

The Artesian well near that site isn’t tested anymore so it’s not recommended for drinking water - bring a filter. As of last year, Stockton and maybe Sand have the only wells that are operating due to budget constraints (testing is expensive).

early June in the Islands
not much for biting black flies in early June. You lose the flesh in July usually

most popular first time visit spots are Sand Island and it’s caves and the Mawikwe caves between Meyers beach and Eagle bay

The road to Meyers Beach was closed last week for repair, I would expect it to be open by June, haven’t asked anyone about it and it’s timeline yet

As a first time visiter, be conservative in your travel expectations. Plan on comming back and don’t try to do it all in a weekend , there are caves on almost 1/2 of the islands and lots of paddeling. The weather in early June can get real interesting , real fast. If you camp on any of the Islands plan on the possiability of a storm where all the beaches dissapear and you need to stay. By the way a permit is required for any camping inside the Apostle Island National Lakeshore (phone 715-779-3397 for permitts) the permitts must be picked up in Bayfield at the park headquarters.

best put in is at Little Sand Bay

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PS The Devils Island caves are a must see eventually but in early June the crossings out to Devis Island can get real iffy the southern sort-uv safe harbor on Devils is about 14 miles out into Lake Superior and you can only hide behind the other Islands for so long. The weather is usually better in July