advice for canoe

Hey Paddlers, This is my first time here and my first time in buying a fishing canoe. I am planning to buy a new fishing canoe. I recently came to Vancouver and stayed in a shared accommodation suite. We recently went fishing in the lake. That was an awesome experience. Since then I always wanted a fishing canoe but didn’t have any clue about it. Now I am looking for some expert advice. I have to tell you I’m a little less than 200 pounds. So the light and small canoes will not suit me. I know, you might be thinking DIY. Trust me I tried but it didn’t work out.

The Wenonah Vagabond is a popular solo fishing canoe. I fish from an Old Town Pack, a Mohawk Odyssey and a Northstar Magic. The first two boats are modified to facilitate fishing; cam cleats and fairleads for anchors, thwart mounted holders for rods and fish finder.

There are really quite a few boats that will make fine fishing canoes. Are you looking to a solo canoe or a tandem? What is your budget and what kind of waters will you be fishing?

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Out of curiosity, are you looking for a canoe or a fishing kayak? Your weight is fine for a wide range of canoes & most of them are fine for most fishing.

Check out the Native Water Craft Ultimate. It looks like the perfect answer for a fishing craft. Sort of a hybrid canoe/kayak.