Advice for Eck, transitioning from canoe to kayak

I’m going to give you unsolicited advice. The good news you can ignore all of this. Beware of paddle drags on the end of your strokes. In a canoe or c1 we get used to making very small corrections on the end of our strokes. That’s not needed in a kayak. Think clean exits on the strokes near the hip. You can rotate your torso more in a kayak or c1. Some of this just has to do with the reduced depth and width of the boat and also the additional length of the paddle. So take full advantage of that. Gliding stern rudders have me trying to look all the way to the back of my boat. I didn’t do that much in a canoe. Tape your paddle where you want your hands to stay. I still battle putting my hands in the right spot instead of where I would grip a canoe paddle on my dominant side. The low brace is still your friend. It is just not emphasized as much in kayaking. All of this stuff I still struggle with. Your sense of balance, weighting one side of the boat over the other, will still serve you well in a kayak and now it’s okay to take breaking stuff on what was your “offside”.