Advice for Hybrid Kayak?

I need some advice on my next kayak purchase. I just moved to Western CO from Tampa, FL. I’ve got some resovoir’s close by as well as a bunch of rivers. Right now I am at a solid class II and want to tackle class III. I want a boat that can handle the Taylor River, and some other Trout streams. The other thing that I do is hang out with my wife on lakes and flat water. We bring a big lunch and cocktails, so it needs to have some storage and room for 2. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe a Hobie? Can the Mirage system handle shallow rivers? The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe?Is that good for my needs? What other choices do I want to look at. I am open to any brands and suggestions.

thanks in advance for the help

River, lake, fishing tandem/solo
You should check out the new Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe sit on top. I think its perfect boat for what you are describing. Its a new sit on top for rivers and lakes and can be paddled tandem or solo on both rivers and lakes up to class 2, Although I saw video of a guy running class 3 and 4 on the nantahala river in NC. ITs definetely a river boat with rocker and easy chines (sidewalls arent sharp likea lot of beach sit on tops) so it wont tip over easy in river currents, waves, and eddies. The stern doesnt have a keel so it can turn fast. But it has drop skag for paddling straight in flatwater. You could add rod holders for fishing too. hope this helps. I have the sit inside version the Remix XP 10 and love it. Call CKS in Buena Vista, they have demos and know their stuff.

Thanks for the quick advice. I will check that boat out more. I have paddled the XP10 quite a bit. No room for the wife though.

You know what they say…“happy wife, happy life”

So the Deuce Coupe performs similarly to the XP10 in Whitewater? Just longer? It can handle the Taylor in the spring and fall? Have you tried the new outfitting for it? It looks pricey but plush.

LL Deuce Sit on Top
I think the Deuce Coupe could handle the Taylor River just fine as a solo for sure and at lower levels even as a tandem. I ve seen video of it in whitewater. Did a fine job riding through waves (class3 3 to 4 feet high. The bow cuts right through haystacks and Wave trains. Yes, its just longer (LL site says its 13 feet)…3 feet longer than the XP 10 foot sit inside but its about the same general hull shape…a river boat…rockered bow,some rocker in the stern with really soft chines (side rails). Ive seen the outfitting at the shops, and sat in the Deluxe version. Its very comfy and the hip pads do snug up to your hips when you tighten the straps. I could see this boat handling a lot harder water than most sit tops. The deluxe version gives you really good connection to the boat…so good in fact, this guy is rolling it in the pool!-

Thanks again
That sounds just about like what I am looking for. I do not have many local shops in my area, so I may take a trip to CKS and try one out. Maybe I will even get the courage to run Browns Canyon. The rainbows outta be jumpin’ right around April.