Advice for kayak


I weigh 260 pounds.
do you think a 300 lb. load kayak is enough considering that I never have more than one camera and a sandwich as luggage? on short trips, 2-3 hrs.
the kayak is WS zephyr 160.

In my experience, the weight limits are overrated. Given your intended use, it should be ok. But, you will put a lot of hull in the water and it will be sluggish at best.

You might do better with a boat rated with a bit more capacity, perhaps even as high as 350 pounds. Plus, depending on how the weigh fits on you, the relative narrowness of that boat may prevent you from fitting well.

Tsunami series is from same company (so might be available at same dealer, if you are looking at new boats) and generally has larger capacities.

Nice looking. But I bet it’s tight. As Peter said , and I’ve seen on a similar boat it would be too small for my 250 pounds . It seems a 24" beam gives my 15" wide bum room to ride. I look for 17ft long by 24" beam. Deck height can make legs, knees especially, uncomfortable. Try it out before you buy. At least sit in it. Thigh braces in the keyhole cockpit can be a limiter.

Note… it is easy to accumulate 20-30 pounds of gear on a normal paddle.

This boat was made for you.

British Touring / Sirocco
The Sirocco is the rotomolded version of our popular Gulfstream. This kayak appeals to a broad market of paddlers who crave performance yet want a boat that is user friendly. Designed by Derek Hutchinson, the Sirocco boasts the same tight turning, quick paddling qualities of the composite version in a lower cost rotomolded construction. The Sirroco is an example of innovation at its best. Skeg, back band, and day hatch come standard.

Maximum Load: 375 lbs.
Polyethylene - 60 lbs. / MSRP $1,499 USD

Deck Height: 17" / 43 cm
Cockpit Length: 35.5" / 90 cm
Cockpit Width: 19" / 48 cm

Seams cockpit would fit you at 260. I’m in much tighter boats at 250 like a CD Nomad.

Bit longer is what I’d look for.