Advice for mini-cell cutting/install

Please help, I’ve never done this before!

What’s the best tool to use to cut a thick block of mini-cell foam for a new bulkhead? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated! Also…what’s the best way to clean and prepare the poly boat surface before the install? I’ll be using Lexel as an adhesive. Thanks!


A hacksaw blade for gross cuts.

DragonSkin brand metal sandpaper for the rough edges, don’t need anything “finer” than that. I simply clean the plastic surfaces with damp sponge, and when dry, Dap Weldwood contact cement does fine. Try to assure a good contact by careful carving of the minicell; that is the key ingredient.

Have fun.

serrated knife works
Also could use an old electric knife.


The best way…
The best way to cut minicell is on a bandsaw. Leaves a nice super clean edge that is great for gluing.

If you don’t have access to a bandsaw, I’ve had reasonably good results with a bread knife.

To prepare the poly surface, use some 80 or 120 grit sandpaper to abrade the surface – you just need to lightly sand to scuff the finish.


to trim…
an electric carving knife is da bomb!

I agree and I do have a band saw.
It is simple, fast and as smooth as a baby’s butt.



Cutting foam
One of those fine serrated blade knives with the thin blades. they go through foam like Butter…

you can probably buy one for a quarter at a thrift store.

Thanks for the advice!
Thanks to all of you that responded. I guess the electric knife wins!