Advice for shipping

I need to send a Kevlar sea kayak 17’11.5" long and 21.5 inches wide. To me, it is extremely valuable and I am extremely paranoid about shipping the boat.

It needs to go from the Pacific Coast of Canada to the Atlantic Coast…

any expierence? Advice?

Thanks in advance.


Build a plywood crate with 1/2" and

– Last Updated: Dec-10-07 9:48 PM EST –

1" X 2"s, create foam ' cradles ' 360 around as close to the actual shape of the boat as you can, (ASSume any side of crate could have several hundred pounds on any side of it as it will probably go in the truck first since it is the bulkiest), so boat can sit gently on any side without contacting the walls of crate, wrap and pad ends incase of impact, tie boat down inside crate with just enough pressure to keep it from sliding around ...... ANGLE the lines to do this, put foam blocks under 'ends' of boat to support loads instead of just on your cradles, take pictures of the whole thing, mark for up put lid on put 3 - 2"x4s" under the whole crate to fork lift can get under using the middle one as your center of balance and mark it as such, drill out for end carry loops and place a very stout piece of line with a pvc pipe 'handle' in there just to show you care ........ The guys will be so impressed that they will actually come up and thank you ........ then use FORWARD AIR to ship it. Wherever you want it for far less $, time and drama than carriers that will probably be posted below.

Eh Eric .... we must have started @ the same time ... LOL