advice for sit-on-top tandem

looking to purchase a sit-on-top tandem kayak. just recreational for lake and slow moving river use. i’ve seen pelican apex and ocean malibu mostly. is one better than the other? are there other brands i should consider?


why tandem?

Ocean Kayak
We use Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XLs for the places I guide at, when we do SOT tours. Reliable/durable boats which can be set the seats for 1 person, 2 people, or 3 (small) people. They stack on top of each other nicely, nesting one inside the other (not likely something you will need).

tandem SOT=heavy
This may not be an issue for you. (80 lb. neighborhood)

My Advice
Stay away from Tandems! They are dangerous and uncool.


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Pelican is one to strike from your list. They make junk

Uncool I understand, but why dangerous? Because people will realize you’re uncool?

Bic makes some nice tandem & triple SOT: Borneo, Kalao, Tobago, Trinidad. The first two are short triples, which can be good for two larger people, the empty middle seat gives some room between paddlers. A single paddler can solo it from the center seat.

I had a Bic Scapa (single) that was well made and cruised nicely. But I hated how uncool it made me look. OK, just kidding, it was too heavy for my taste and hard to carry.

second the OC Malibu II
This was my first kayak. Paddles solo or tandem. Nice combo. Most tandems are paperweights just sitting there because you really can’t paddle them solo. This one you can.

Try a
perception Tribe 13.5. Great boat.