Advice for storing Composite Kayak for Week Outside

I’m on holiday right now and the place we are staying at has no indoor space for the kayaks. In addition, the beach is down a steep cliffside so now that the boats are down there we were thinking of keeping them there.

Any advice on storage for the week we’re here?

We have them under a tarp to protect from UV etc but have been letting them dry out before covering. Should we be concerned about mildew or any issues causes by the tarp sitting on the kayak over the night and during the parts of the day we’re not using them? We aren’t wrapping them tightly and they are getting out on the water most days. Would it be better to just have them sit uncovered–the weather has been mostly overcast.

Thanks for any help / advice?

Good coat of uv protectant wax and a good rinse if your in salt water and I would think your good to go.

I have had composite boats live under the snow for several weeks in winter when l got caught by a surprise early big storm.

They live on an ocean beach for 5 weeks each year. Just above the highest high tide line.

Your boats will be fine.

A week!!

My wood composition boats will be on the truck rack in the sun for 8 weeks this summer. I think your boat will survive for the whole week without the tarp.

You might want to tie them down. (Mooring line) Boats on strange places by themselves near the water often go exploring for unforscene reasons.

That’s what happens when you go camping for a week plus you have critters trying to break into them for food… They will be fine…

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Under tarp for 10 plus years. One of eight with folded tarp on top few bungee’s. They’re not saltine crackers you’re storing outside and expect to be crisp.

Huge point above about tying them off!

My boats (2 come with me) are on stands on the beach that no one makes any longer, but also tied off with a bowline knot to a tree. My sister and one visitor every other year thought they had the boats pulled up high enough. Then the highest of the tide cycle came in while they slept…

100% this. I had one kayak stored at the beach. I bought another one. Next day, big storm. I was walking to the harbormaster’s office for my “beach parking” sticker for the boat and I saw a boat right in the sand, a few feet above the high water mark. I laughed to my self, “what a loser, didn’t tie up their boat.” Got back from the harbormaster’s office, went to apply my sticker and my new boat was gone.

Yes, that one on the beach my mine. LOL.

I’m so lucky that some kind soul dragged it out of the surf and up on the sand, it only travelled a few blocks.

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I’d worry more about someone stealing them. Keep the paddles in the house.

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Are the kayaks normally stored indoors?

If so, I wouldn’t sweat over one week of UV exposure in a maritime climate. Kayaks on long camping trips are outdoors 24/7 for weeks at a stretch.

The pigment in the gel coat protects the underlying resined fiberglass.

BUT I would worry about whether you are storing them high enough to be out of a storm surge’s or very high tide’s or giant boat wake’s long reach. Tie them up securely!

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I’ve attended several week-long sea kayak symposiums. The kayaks are always left on the beach. With a good cockpit cover you’ll have no issues.

Just be certain they’re secured as recommended above.

my kayak is nye 30 yrs old spent yrs indoors when it was owned by club… but it has now lived outdoors for a couple yrs under a tarp…

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My composite under tarps for 11 years plastic for 12. A composite one has a cockpit cover on it untouched for two years or maybe three. It was dry as a bone. Sitting 2’ from a bulkhead right side up.

For week, you don’t need to worry about anything related to UV or mildew. Don’t need to dry out nor cover. This isn’t enough time to cause problems.

Theft, keeping critters out, keeping rain out for less cleaning - those are all things that you might want to try to avoid.

How long are composite powerboats and sailboats outdoors?

Until they sink next to the dock from non-use or neglected maintenance - then they are partially UV protected by water.

Much longer than a week, decades!

My wife and I kept our composite fiberglass/Kevlar boats upside down, and with cockpit covers on, for a year on our community kayak racks. We did rinse them off after each saltwater use but apart from being a bit dirty after a South Carolina winter the boats were absolutely fine and a bucket of soapy water and a sponge made them look like new again.

And we often take our kayaks with us on vacation and they spend a couple of weeks or so outside.

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