Advice for super beginner

Hi everyone.

I totally new to the sport and I am in the

process of getting a Kayak.

However in my country options are limited and my budget is limited.

First off IL be using the kayak mostly for fishing maximum 2km offshore. The waters here are super calm with no waves or rocks.

Here are the kayaks available to me -

Apex 100

Pescador 10 and Pescador 12.

The pescadors are quite expensive here though.

Would I be wasting my money on the tamarack?

I am 1.78, 78kg.

Any help would be appreciated.


You didn’t say what country?
So I am hoping it is a warm climate.

If that fits your budget, I don’t think you would be wasting your money.

If there are no other choices, I would get it rather then not get any thing.

Jack L

I am in mexico, and the sport is rare.

There is a pescador 10 for $687 and the tamarack is about $380.

There is other models but the prices shoot.

Between those 2 kayaks, is the pescador 10 worth the extra?

P.S its Caribbean waters so nice and warm

I honestly don’t know, but …
way back when my wife and I got started into kayaking we got the cheapest we could find which were nine foot long Perception Keowees.

We opted for the cheap ones because we didn’t know if we would like kayaking.

Today close to 20 years later, we have $3000 long skinny sea kayaks but we still enjoy those little tubs with spray skirts in white water.

I think with your limited funds if it was me, I would get the cheaper boat.

Good luck

Jack L

Sounds good!
I did come across a malibu mini-x today , 9.5 about $650 as you can see cheap Kayaks are expensive here.

Thanks !

Few thoughts
Have you read the reviews here too?

Both sound similar to me… have you tried sitting in then yet, to see your own comfort level?

Are prices the same for you? If not, then being how similar they are, just get the lower priced version for now?

Curious if you can find any used kayaks, so can get maybe better model at less cost?

Might also take a look at this article:

Lastly, think safety… have all your gear also protected.

Good luck!

keep an eye on the natives, a chain on your kayak.

Few More Helpful Sites
Those are all great sites for reviews and price comparisons but here are a few more:

Hope these help!