advice for three

I often end up with a party of three when going into quetico. we often use a 17’ alumicraft - rented. I am looking at buying a canoe or canoes this year that will better accomidate a group of three. Can you share your advice?


yeah get a Minn 2 or Minn 3 both designed to carry more than two people. The Minn 2 has an extra seat and the Minn 3 has two extra seats so take one out for more gear.

Minnesota II -3 - 4
The Minnesota II is an 18’6" tandem tripping canoe. The Minnesota 3 is a 20’ canoe configured for three paddlers and gear. The Minnesota 4 is a 23’ canoe with seats for 4 paddlers.

Check the Wenonah Canoe website for the specifications and a dealer in your area.

All are fast capable canoes. Coming from an overloaded Aluminum to a Minnesota II is like going from an old VW Microbus to a Honda Odyssey.

They are narrower canoes than the aluminum models you have used and will seem less stable at first. After one morning on an open lake you will get used to the difference and realize that there is much final stability and seaworthiness in these hulls.

Try one and enjoy your trip.


thanks for the info. i’ll look at the minn II and III

try a solo boat
you might also try a tandem and solo boat.

This will give you more flexibility to change paddling positions and you can will also be able to paddle 1, 2, or 3.

spring creek seat- yolk
you could get a spring creek seat-yolk for your alumacraft . i have a souris river quetico 17 with one and have gone 3 people for 3-4 days very comfortably .check it out at

going with three
I would suggest going with 1 regular large canoe to have gear for 3, and one Kayak… that is if any in your crew of 3 know how to handle the Kayak… If nothing else, you could rotate back and forth for variaty, and maybe the others that are not Kayakers will give it a try from time to time and pick it up…

Just a thought.

I would think if you had no Kayakers, I’d go with a tandem and a solo canoe…

You might check out the used gear at

I often take 3 people as well. Sometimes traveling light other times it is like the circus has come to town. Nice thing about the Champlain is that it works great in either situation. I have had 3 people and a ton of gear in it and still had enough freeboard, stability, and seawothyness to deal with waves. Its Great!