advice from Onno paddle owners?

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On contemplating an Onno carbon-carbon paddle purchase, I received excellent info from owner Patrick. But I'd also like some feedback from Onno owners. I'm currently using a Mid-Swift 220 on an Impex Montauk. Attracted to a lighter paddle than the Swift, the Onno carbon-carbon would be the one. Here's are my questions.

If I'm comfortable with the Mid-Swift but sometimes wish I could keep better pace with the 17 and 18 foot sea kayaks, do I buy the Onno mid-tour (used to it)or full-tour (more power)?

Many paddlers I know are buying and suggest one piece paddles. Does anyone regret a one-piece?

I do not have an opportunity to try a 215 vs. my 220 but Patrick suggests the 215 for my boat. Any thoughts?

I use my 2 piece Mid-swift feathered. Not sure what feathering degree I should tell Patrick to make.


Onno Paddles
Your paddle stroke is a very personal thing, so hard to say what you will be most comfortable with. In my short time paddling I have learned that the shorter the paddle the better job it will do (up to a point of course.) Everytime I buy a new paddle I move to a shorter length.

I started using Onno paddles with a mid-tour and traded to a full tour, I like the extra power, but I also like to use a paddle with a surfing blade for even more power paddling my SOTs. If you don’t have problems with storage or transport go with a one piece paddle. Talk to Patrick a bit more to design something that fits you, just be a bit patient and you’ll get somethign you are happy with.

I bought the Carbon Sig full tour beginning of the season this paddle has been fantastic. I bought what Patrick suggested and he was bang on. I use bore butter to lube the ferrule end. (bio degrable and food rated lube). I updraded to this from what felt like a 2x6 and it has been great. Thanks Pat.


Little More Info?
Not to nag, but you do not have a profile…

What type of boat? Your size? Your strenght and condition? Where and what conditions do you paddle?

I have an Onno Full tour that I use when conditions require speed or power. You might want to go with the mid tour for longer, easier trips.

Further clarification…
The 215 was suggested as a complimentary sibling to the Mid Swift which would offer wider versatility ( between the two paddles), increased power ( in Full tour form)

and help with a more user friendly, torso rotating, blades not too deep, promoting early efficient release without severely changing ones paddling style. Boat speed should follow.

profile updated
thanks for the profile prod

I use
the ONNO Big Boy at about 7 5/8 width if I remember correctly. I really like the power. I do better with a bigger blade and slower cadence. Awesome paddle.

I would not buy another one-piece touring paddle. There’s no good way to store it on the boat when I want to use my GP or try someone else’s paddle.

Full tour carbon/signature

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I just got mine last week, iI used it for the first time this weekend. Listen to Patrick he does know his stuff and puts out a great product. I paddle a heavy SOT and the full tour had plenty of power to push it well. I got the TAP because of storage and transportation, don't want my thing of beauty sliding in my pickup bed. I also got the paddle case for it. What a paddle. And thanks again Patrick.

I went with the full tour…
…at Patricks gentle suggestion. I’m glad I did. I was thinking that I wanted the mid-tour but I’ve never really felt great using a mid-sized blade. He was more than willing to produce an in-between sized blade but suggested that if I found the full to be too much I could do some careful size reduction.

Also, I went from a 230 to a 218. I could go shorter and probably will when I buy my next Onno.

I would go with 2 piece
I have a 218 full tour that worked very well for me. I now paddle with a greenland paddle, but sometimes take my Onno with me and paddle with it as a change. I hardly ever carry my Epic because it is a one piece. Your Swift is a good paddle and don’t count out still using it for more than a spare. The mid-swift would compliment a full tour nicely.

2 piece
you’ve gotten a lot of excellent info already, so other than saying my ONNO is a true jewel, i’d just add that, other than a slight weight savings, the one piece paddle to my mind is nothing but an unnecessary annoyance - patrick’s ferrels are tight as tight, so i feel you’d gain nothing but a storage/carry problem with a one piece

My wife was using a 210 midtour and I switched her over to a 200 midtour because she had too much shaft in the water. It made a definate improvement in her speed and tracking. I had a 220 full tour for use with a SOT but sold the SOT and had it cut down for my wife. I now use her old 210 midtour and it is a great paddle. The critical thing is not the overall length but the shaft length. Take your Swift and see how much of your shaft is wetted with your normal stroke. The unwetted shaft length is the proper length for the shaft. Give Patrick the measurement and he will build a paddle for you. the blade size is up to you but I prefer the midtour as we mostly paddle distance on flat water.

thanks to all and in particular the last post. Since my typical paddles are all day 10 to 15 mile group paddles on larger lakes, the mid-tour might make the most sense.

I use Pat’s carbon sig mid-tour with
my SOT and as a backup for my Superior GP with my SINK. Pat is one of those rare men-Professional, Honest, and as so many will attest-a CRAFTSMAN. Be patient, listen to his advice, give him enough information and he will give you the right blade. Forget the one piece.