Advice Kayak bulkhead

I have a Jackson Zen I bought second hand. Came with almost no rigging. I have replaced most of it but I am trying to figure out a good way to create a bulkhead to draw the end of the boat closer to me to have a solid place for my feet. I have made a “mold” with expanding foam but I don’t know how to transfer and get the shape to the closed cell foam. I know I will need more foam but I’m also not looking to close the whole thing off just enough for it to be a sturdy foothold

take a piece of cardboard and cut it until it fits …where you want it to be if it were a bulkhead. if you cut too much just tape another piece to it, until you have the fit right.

use that as a template and transfer to the closed cell foam. build from there with a support for the bulkhead. or use the foot pegs as a support base and add a plate that spans the front and is adjustable by using the foot peg adjustment. This is sort of what is used in my old Prijon T Canyon and Invader. use an air bag in front of the plate.

for $21 you can order a Zen footblock from Jackson Kayaks. Much easier than fabricating.

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