Advice needed, Half Skirt on Rec kayak.

I am looking to outfit my Rec Kayaks with a half skirt, I have found that Wilderness systems and Seals brand (Splash Deck X ) both have ones that will fit. Has anybody tried either the Wildneress systems or the Seals Splash Deck X on a Pungo?

Looking for advice as to which one might be the better choice… using on a Pungo 120 and a Pungo 100…

I use the Seal’s Splash Deck X
on my classic Loon 111. because the loon has a deck that comes to a point, the half skirt was loose and hung down and flapped around. called Seal’s owner up and they had me send the skirt back to them and they added a third plastic implosion bar near the front and that took up the slack and solved my problem. now the skirt fits like its supposed to. i guess with Rec boats that have large cockpits, adding that third plastic implosion bar should be a given. didn’t charge me anything to fix it. the skirt works great to keep the sun off and small waves that might go over the bow. for the money, it was worth it for me.

Splash Deck
Just a few words of though. Seal is by far a better quality skirt. BUT, the splash skirt will only solve part of the problem with the Pungo. What you should be thinking about is the Seal Sneak. This is much more accomadating and a full skirt, plus two mesh pockets and the best is the zipper tunnel. This allows you to gain access to what’s in your cockpit without unfastening your skirt. Also great if you want to vent the cockpit on hot days. The Sneak will do all that a Slash Skirt will do plus give you full protection when you need it.