Advice needed on a canoe for fishing

I am looking for a lightweight, solo canoe for fishing. Any advice?

We-no-nah Vagabond
No personal experience but from reading other threads here a lot of folks seem to like the We-no-nah Vagabond for solo use.

nice thing about the Vagabond is it’s pretty light even in Royalex.There are many other’s but once you switch to a lighter hull material the price gets a bit steep.

Might want to look at Nova Craft too.

Bell Angler
with the swivel seat and tackle storage option. It will cost you about $1300 and every dime well spent.


I have used an Old Town Pack and a Wenonah Vagabond as a solo fishing platform. While the Pack is light (33#s in Royalex), the 42# Royalex Vagabond is far superior (IMHO) for fishing. Faster, tracks better, turns reasonably well, handles wind very well and is decent in waves. It also has the capacity for solo trips. I recently came back from a 6 night fishing trip in my Vagabond and carried all my fishing and camping gear.

It’s my go to boat for fishing and I had SOT and SIK kayaks to choose from. Finally sold the SOT as I prefer the solo canoe for fishing. Won’t sell the SIK touring boat though. Easy to cartop and carry to put in. Weight is very light for royalex or is it royalite? It does scratch easily and more so than other royalex boats I have owned. If you want lighter boat then you get into the composites like the Prism, Magic or Merlin, etc but these will probably out perform the Vagabond.

You can also get the Vagabond
in Kev Light and then weigh in at 29#s.

I’d have to agree
I own a Bell angler without the swivel seats and find it to be just fantastic as a solo canoe. I paddle backwards from the front seat works great and handles well.