Advice on 1st used canoe!

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I'm new to canoeing and am looking for a tandem that I can handle solo or take a friend out with me on local lakes and flat water rivers, and of course my dog, my price range is sub $300. I'm looking to do day trips, nothing overnight or long stints, I'm 200lbs and the pup is 65-70lbs himself. I know there's tons of different material canoes, and I've done a little reading about things like oil canning, fiberglass repairs etc.

In terms of a good first canoe to start with I am planning to check this one : out sometime this week. Is $300 a good price for a fiberglass Mohawk? Any other things I should consider? I've also seen a decent amount of Colemans on local Craigslist, but I hear mixed reviews of those.

Here's some other local ones that were on my radar for input

[15' Coleman for $325]

[14'6" for $300]

[17' Coleman in rough shape? for $225]

[Unknown length or material for $100]

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Buy an aluminum canoe

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Purchase a 17ft and your set. Stay away from the cheap and wet noodle like items you have listed. You might be able to find a heavy old town canoe like the Discovery models for $300.

Edit: Missed the mohawk. That might be a decent canoe as long as it is not beat up and in need of repairs. Better act quick.

The Mohawk is worth investigating
Its a decent design. The red 14 footer is smallish and the one way seats really preclude soloing from the bow seat facing backwards

The others look like sellers pipe dreams.

The Mohawk was the one I was most closely watching, he already said he’d do $300, I might be able to knock it down to $275 or so. Are fiberglass canoes reliable? I was worried about hitting rocks or scraping it etc.

The 14’6" looks like an Old Town canoe, but then again I’m not familiar enough with them to identify whether it is or not, I’ve emailed asking for more information.


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The guy selling the Mohawk is a local grad student and said he's used it plenty for soloing and it handles like a dream and is in really good condition. It looks like it's been painted camo, which I'm not terribly fond of but whatever. Would you say $275-$300 is a good deal for it?

And thanks, I didn't even think about that with the one way seating!

Can’t expect much for $300.

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You are just wanting to get on the water and right now it doesn't matter if it is fiberglass or polyethylene or aluminum. They will all work if the boat is sound with no holes or damage. I am turning you away from the Coleman or "big box sporting good" canoes because they are built so cheap. If you catch the canoe bug you will turn over many boats till you find the ones that you like.

That mohawk will work and so will that 14'6" OT (Discovery model not a Guide)if you change out the thwart for a kneeling thwart so you can go solo. Really is no risk of buyying either one as you can probably sell the boat for what you paid if you don't like the canoe at that price point. Better hurry canoe buying/selling fever has started or is about to begin with the coming of spring.

Fiberglass often is tough enough
to challenge rocks. Mohawks layups were pretty good.

Glass is still used in many boats. Often as one of several building materials, and is found in some notable whitewater boats.

Layup matters. “Chopper gun” is not so strong…it looks like flecks of fabric

Fiberglass mat which looks woven is good.

Mohawk the best of the lot
I agree with kayamedic that the Mohawk is a good choice. I bought one last year for my daughter’s boyfriend to use fishing and have had it out a couple of times tandem and solo. It is a good design and, as kayamedic said, the Mohawk layups were pretty solid. I would think that the price you are talking about, $275-300, is probably reasonable assuming the boat is in decent shape.

I paid $200 for mine and the guy I bought it from said the folks who called after me told him that $300 would have been a reasonable price.

Just my opinion, though.