Advice on 2 piece greenland paddles?

Is this just not a good idea, not worth the loss of feel, tradition, etc? Looking to have better stowage on fore or aft decks with 2 piece model.

Help please!

2 Piece GP’s
Search the threads on the bb. There has been some discussions on making them. Also check out Tom shows how to make one easily. I have made two one piece GP paddles now and can tell you it is really easy/worth your time to try vs. buy.

No problem
As long as the ferrule is good and tight (and strong), you won’t notice any difference in how it works.


I Saw One This Past Weekend
made by (?) Feathercraft. I was impressed. It was light. Had good shape (my opinion). The blade edges were a tad too sharp. Other than that and the $250 price, I thought it was very nice paddle.


Interesting timing of this post…
I have purchased all of my GP’s used. I almost built one (and will try again)…alas it cracked.

Just cut one of my used Cricket paddles in half and sent it off to Mike (at Cricket) to have it turned into a TAP ($35 cost). It needed repair in the loom anyhow.

I watch the classified sections on sites for used GP’s. So am able to purchase them at anywhere from 60-80% off…with a need for repair in some cases. Have two Crickets, and found a Feathercraft TAP like Sing referred to for $50. I find the greatest advantage is when my car is packed for vacation…they are easily stowed. A well built TAP can handle it all…just prefer the look/feel of all wood.