Advice on a first canoe

I found an old Tripper '18 canoe for $200 o.b.o with a paddle and two vests. Needs cleaning up but looks sound. I have done some kayaking but totally new to canoes. I want it for just general use, hunting, fishing, playing on the river maybe with a little fast water but nothing even remotely tough cuz like I said I am totally new. Will this work and is it a good deal? Thank you for any help ahead of time

It’s a good deal if it doesn’t bring you
disappointment. As the former owner of a 17’ 3" OT Tripper (Royalex), my only comment is that the sucker weighs a lot. Almost 85 pounds. But if you can deal with that…

cane seats
might need to be replaced if they are too old, that is easy enough to do yourself. otherwise a good deal on a big tandom boat with a huge capacity for (of all things) trips

Advice on a first canoe
Ok I bought it for $175 I will post a pic when I get a chance so you guys can tell me what you think. It has been sitting for years

Great canoe
- you will get a lot of enjoyment with it. Not light. But very rugged and stable and care free.