Advice on a new boat...

I live on the Saddle River in Northern NJ. It has a red sandstone/gravel-sand bottom with some 30" boulders and is 20-45’ wide flowing south from NY State. Typically the day after a heavy rain the depth for a 6 mile stretch below my house is 12-20" with what I think are class one max. Second day after a rain the depth goes down to 2-8" and that is typically normal until the next rain.

I have a 15’ Adirondack Guideboat, 10’ Hornbeck blackjack (carbon fiber), 2 12’ pungos and a Wenonah Jenson 17’ kevlar canoe. I do not own a “playboat”. Any thoughts what would be the best type of “whitewater” creek or playboat for this river? Something that will draught as little as possible and take a pounding on rocks?



Go with the Pungos


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An OC-1 or a MR Freedom Solo


Wha Ho, Pilgrim;

Unless it’s right after a good rain, it’ll be a’mighty scratchy an’ may turn into a hiking trip. Ah’s done this river a number of times. Nice trip if ye gots enough water.

Fat Elmo